7 Affiliate Marketing Ideas for 2019

1. Review products on YouTube 🎥

YouTube is still going strong and with paid ads you can earn quite a significant amount of money as long as you get views. Now, getting lots views right away is of course not the easiest thing in the world, but on the other hand, affiliate marketing is all about potential future income and letting it take time is part of the game.

So, an idea is to start reviewing products on YouTube. It could be any type of product you’ve bought, and have an honest opinion about. Add a video talking about it (it doesn’t have to show your face) and then leave it there. In a few months, you might see a steadily increasing income stream from these types of videos, as the number of views grow.

2. Start a blog about a theme you like 💻

Just like YouTube, blogs are still going strong. This doesn’t mean that a blog must be the typical famous influencer blog with lots of followers. A blog could simply be a stream of useful information, written by someone (you) with knowledge and insight.

In a blog, it’s easy to add affiliate links and promote your products. Just make sure that the entire blog isn’t about this and try to keep your main focus on educating your readers 🙂

3. Use links in forums 🔗

Now, this might be a bit controversial, but forums are a great way to spread information. You could add a promotion link in your description, or in a post discussing a subject. Just make sure that the forum allows this by checking the forum rules. We don’t want to be that guy. Also, as ALWAYS, make sure to give full affiliate link disclosure BEFORE the link. This is important. Don’t be a sneaky bastard 🤑

4. Use pinterest 📌

Pinterest is like Google but for images. Use it! Seriously. It can heavily increase the traffic to your website.

5. Create a product yourself and market it 🏬

Now, this is a bit… reversed 🙃 But, if you in some way have something to sell – think about if someone else could possibly do the sale for you. It could be either a product you’ve created or a service you provide. There are lots of people out there with huge audiences that could help you sell it. Send them an email! Or an Instagram message. Or whatever people do these days. A great idea is also to offer a discount with this. Read on for more info about that!

6. Find affiliate links that offer a discount to users 🎉

So – here’s the thing. People mostly think about what’s in it for them. That’s just how we work. If a person is on the verge of buying a product or service, that person has two options:

  1. Go to productwebsite.com and buy the product or sign up for the service
  2. Click affiliate link and get X% discount on the product or service

Now… why wouldn’t you choose number 2? Even if this meant that some random person also got a commission out of this sale. However, if the person doesn’t get any discount, then they might as well just sign up or buy the product without clicking any link.

So, see if you can find affiliate links which also offer a discount or some sort of benefit to the user.

7. Choose a small but rewarding niche 📈

Niche selection is important. Some types of products or services are simply more rewarding than others, and that’s a fact. It could be that:

  1. The niche itself consists of people who are willing to buy products (think hobby niches such as climbing, hiking, painting, video recording, etc.)
  2. The affiliate partners within the niche generally give high commissions

You’ll have to search around for yourself to find these, but keep this in mind when choosing a niche. After all, the way you’ll monetize your affiliate marketing strategy is by having people actually buy products or services online.

Thats all for this time peeps! I hope you got some new ideas. Ciao 👋

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